Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

Today's problem

Just a short message. I mean it's late already and I will have to get up early tomorrow. I just can say that I'm totally pissed off! This report crap take a huge amount of time while I have really lots of important things to do. And I'm not really productive with this so in the end I achieve nothing. Which is really... not good. Ya well, sometime I have to do it and I want to get ready as fast as possible (which is impossible). But you know, hope... I'm so... I don't know. I can't remember the vocabulary from the last six lessons, which is in fact everything we've done. And which is expected of us to know it. Well I'm good at getting invisible so nobody noticed up until now but in the test I can't any longer hide this, so the best thing would be to learn. But ya know, Emi really hates learning so this is a little bit difficult. At least Emi manage to do everything she is expected to so so let's hope this time it will be like that again. Okay, now I have to end cause I have still to do some things before I can get to sleep. Wish ya a good night!

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